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Estes Park News 1/04/2019

Estes Park News 1/04/19
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Estes Park Trail Gazette Inside Business 9/13/2017

Estes Park Trail Gazette Inside Business 9/13/2017

​Laura Davis Art Studio

Laura Davis Clothing on Art of Where

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"Beauty is hidden in plain sight. My work is a joyful interpretation of the divine details which surround us. Reflections in dewdrops, peeling paint, beetle paths, wood grain, and pattern in natural or man-made structures are captured and highlighted by my lens, witness to the order inherent in the universe."

Laura Davis has worked in many media throughout her years as an artist, and there is much that unifies the work. As a sculptor early in her career, she explored shadow and movement, image projection interacting with fabric in site specific installations. 

Later, working on the cutting edge of electronic media, before the internet existed, she explored video as an art medium. Pattern, movement, and projection of light again informed her time based media work. Her video piece, "You Never Left", won an award from the American Film Institute and was widely shown at festivals and broadcast internationally.

An exploration of photography, especially macro close-up imagery celebrating the color, texture and pattern of Mother Nature's palette,  led to digital photography as the medium became widely available. She is now creating collages using digital photography interwoven with patterns, such as Celtic Knot designs. Whether using straight photographic images which bend our perception, or digital collage, Laura Davis continues to explore the joy of light, color, texture, pattern, projection and reflection.

Xanadu Gallery January 2018 Catalogue pg 6

Xanadu Gallery January 2018 Catalogue pg 6